Ontology Engineering Group - OEG (UPM) - COORDINATOR

The Universidad Politécnica de Madrid (UPM) is the oldest and largest of the Spanish Technical Universities and covers most Engineering disciplines. UPM has a strong commitment to R&D and Innovation, with more than 200 Research Groups and several Research Institutes and Technological Centres in different knowledge areas. The Ontology Engineering Group ( OEG), led by Prof. Asunción Gómez-Pérez, has been working on the provision of semantic infrastructure since 1995, and is currently composed of researchers from different fields: Ontological Engineering, Data Integration, Semantic Web, Semantic Grid and Computational Linguistic. Some of the most important results of the OEG group in the previous areas are:

Methontology and the NeOn methodologies, WebODE and Oyster (in Ontological Engineering), Linguistic Information Repository model, LabelTranslator for localizing ontologies (in Computational Linguistic); R2O, ODEMapster and EgoIR (in semantic-based data integration); ODESeW and ODESWS (in Semantic Web); and WS-DAIOnt-RDF(S) and ODESGS (in Semantic Grid). Besides, it has participated or is participating in the following EU IST projects: MKBEEM, OntoWeb, Esperonto, OntoGrid as coordinator, NeOn, SEEMP, Knowledge Web, ADMIRE, DynaLearn, SemSorGrid4Env as coordinator, SEALS as coordinator, and MONNET.