University of Bielefeld - UNIBI

The goal of the Semantic Computing Group is to develop new techniques that allow humans to interact with technical devices, machines including robots as well as to access large knowledge resources in an intuitive fashion.

In particular, the group aims to develop new methods in the following research fields:

  • Multimodal and Multilingual Interaction with the Web of Data
  • Learning Man-Machine-Interfaces
  • Technical Memories
  • Computational Models of Language Acquisition
  • Knowledge-based Dialog Systems
  • Smart Homes/Products
  • Open Science
  • Ontology-based Interpretation of Natural Language
  • Processing Big Unstructured┬áData


  • Philipp Cimiano (Responsible) - WP2 Leader
  • John McCrae
  • Christina Unger
  • Matthias Hartung